AKA Printing And Mailing Review

AKA Printing and Mailing is an American company that provides direct mailing services to mostly non-profit organizations. The company is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States. They have a staff of 73 employees and have been around since 1982. Its annual sales are in the ballpark of 12 million dollars. Those who want to get involved with a worthy cause can sign up for their benevolent patron program. In the spirit of altruism, the company has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the local community and beyond. Some of the charitable beneficiaries have been the American Nicaraguan Foundation and the Community Foundation of Fredericksburg.

While the company hasn’t been around too long, they have a knack for the best customer service. AKA has a dedicated support team that does its best to keep customers happy. Using a well-designed software system, they can ensure that AKA Printing And Mailing you receive the highest quality products on time.

There are two types of clients: those looking to raise funds and those looking to increase the visibility of their business. For the former, AKA uses a special set of machines to deposit the right amount of cash onto the correct mailers. Similarly, for the latter, the company uses a specialized set of tools to insert the cash into mailers that are designed to catch the eye of the prospective purchaser. This is in addition to a robust monitoring and tracking system to ensure that the company is keeping track of all customer orders and inquiries.

AKA is not alone in the aforementioned business. The company has a few aces up its sleeve including a small but mighty team of professionals. Although a tiny operation, they have the foresight to implement the latest technologies to keep their employees and customers safe and secure. One of their more noteworthy achievements is the creation of the aforementioned benevolent patron program.

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