Elasto-Valve Rubber Products

Elasto-Valve Rubber (EVR) Products is a Canadian company that has a well deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the best rubber and elastomeric piping solutions on the planet. In addition to their piping solutions, EVR also manufactures a wide range of other industrially related products, from top valves to pressure sensors.

It’s no secret that EVR has been in business since 1984, and they have expanded their business considerably over the past decade. While they have a relatively small staff of forty workers in the Sudbury area, the EVR brand is recognized throughout the world as a leading supplier of custom made elastomeric piping solutions. They are an ISO 9001 certified company that ships to more than 30 countries worldwide. While the company’s plethora of standard elastomeric piping solutions may seem limited, their custom engineering capabilities and extensive testing programs have enabled them to develop a robust, albeit understated, array of customized products to suit the needs of just about any application.

In order to provide a better understanding of their products, EVR has developed an informative website that allows consumers to browse through their full product catalogue, learn more about the company, and check out what other customers have to say. The site’s ecommerce capabilities also allow for a convenient purchasing process, allowing consumers to easily buy EVR products from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the site provides a wealth of information on all things rubber related, from tips and tricks to the latest industry trends.

As you can probably expect, EVR’s products are made of high quality materials, ensuring that they perform admirably and last for years to come. In fact, some of the company’s elastomeric piping solutions are designed for use in some of theĀ evr products world’s most demanding applications, such as corrosive liquids, abrasive soils, and harsh environments. Aside from the traditional elastomeric piping solutions, the company offers a range of other elastomeric piping solutions including pinch valves, elbows, and hoses. These elastomeric solutions are available in a variety of sizes, and they are built to provide the performance that today’s industrial settings require.

The name of the game is customer service, and the team at EVR has demonstrated time and again that they understand what their customers are looking for. In particular, the company’s commitment to providing the most innovative and effective elastomeric piping solutions is a key factor in their success. Moreover, the company’s dedication to delivering on its promises has helped them build a solid reputation for themselves in the industry.

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