Government Call Centre Services

If you’re looking to improve customer service for your government agency, call answering services are an excellent option. Not only do they save government agencies time and money, but call answering services can also improve the caller experience by eliminating lost calls, bad connections, and other problems. The following article will explain why government call centres are the best choice for your agency. The following points are important to consider when hiring call answering services:

Long hold times

While it’s possible to answer every incoming call from a customer, it’s not always practical. Government call centres cannot be staffed to answer every single call. In fact, a recent survey by Arise Virtual Solutions found that over 65% of customers would only tolerate a two-minute hold time. And 13% said that they find this level of wait time unacceptable. In the past, callers would happily put up with long hold times, but this is no longer the case thanks to the advent of digital channels.

Grade of service targets

For revenue-generating call centres, the Grade of ServiceĀ safety concerns at work target should be high. After all, customers leave if they receive a poor service. But how can you measure if you’re meeting the grade of service target? Here are some things to consider:

Hiring processes

Recruiting processes for government call centre services have remained mostly the same for many years. When recruitment is open, announcements are made and applications are accepted. Once successful, the applicants are informed of their status. The hiring department evaluates the candidates and creates an eligible list. The selection process can include a background investigation, interview, and reference check. The list is used to decide the right candidates for a specific position.


In order to get top-notch service from your government call centre, you must offer effective customer-centric training programs. This includes recruitment of the right skills and behaviors, effective customer-centric training programs, and compliance standards and protocols. You must also ensure that your call centre uses multichannel options and feedback systems to monitor customer satisfaction. Training for government call center services should be a priority for operations. Salesm Solutions, a government call centre outsourcing provider, can help you find the right people for the job.


The use of ICT in call centres is not dissimilar to that of private companies. Moreover, the use of ICT in call centres is customer-centric, which is analogous to the e-governance projects of governments. These technologies enhance the efficiency and profitability of a business and, therefore, have the potential to improve the quality of governance and commercial viability. This paper aims to identify and analyze the role of technology in call centres in the public sector.

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