How to Obtain a Real Estate License

Real Estate License

Obtaining a Real Estate License is a key step in becoming a real estate agent. The process can be complex and takes a considerable amount of study time. Some states require you to undergo a background check and fingerprints before granting you a license. The background check can take weeks to process, so you need to be patient. Once you have the paperwork and fingerprints in hand, you can schedule your real estate exam date. Although many people pass the exam the first time around, it is still important to understand that not everyone does.

Requirements for a real estate license

Requirements for a real estate agent license vary by state. You must be at least 18 years old and pass a background check to qualify for a license. Pre-license education must consist of at least 75 hours of pre-license coursework. You must have completed a four-year degree in real estate or a related field to qualify for a license. After obtaining your license, you are required to take a legal update course twice within a two-year period.

You will need to pass the New York real estate continuing education  Real Estate Exam, which is difficult if you have a felony on your record. If you have a single felony, you can apply for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Conduct. The New York Department of State will then review your application and decide if you qualify for a license. However, if you have more than one felony, you may not be able to get a real estate license.


You might be wondering how to prepare for the Real Estate License Exam. These are authorized documents issued by state governments that give real estate brokers and agents the legal right to represent buyers and sellers of residential real estate. To study for the Real Estate License Exam, here are some tips for preparing for the exam. Hopefully, you can start making money right away! Here are some tips to make the exam more interesting:

Take a practice test. Practice tests will help you identify weak points on the Real Estate License Exam, and they can also teach you the format of the actual exam. Become familiar with the math formulas used in real estate calculations. Also, read through the questions carefully. While practicing for the exam, memorize the answers to common calculations. This way, you’ll be more confident on test day. Remember that real estate training doesn’t stop after you’ve passed the Real Estate License Exam.


There are several factors to consider when deciding on the cost of a real estate license. State requirements vary, but generally speaking, the cost of pre-licensing classes will be between $200 and $1,200. The cost of these courses varies widely, depending on how many “credit hours” you need for each state. Most online courses will also cost less than classroom courses. Some online courses will also come with exam preparation materials.

In addition to the fee for taking the examination, you will also pay an application fee. In addition to that, you will need to pay for fingerprints and background checks. The cost of purchasing a license varies depending on the state and examination provider. In most states, however, the cost is around $125. Whether you decide to spend that amount or not is entirely up to you. If you plan to take the exam, you’ll need to pay an additional $125 for the license application.

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