How to Use the Activity Map Feature in Adobe Analytics

Activity Map (formally known as ‘ClickMap’) is a free, automated link tracking solution that is available in Adobe Analytics. It’s designed to automatically track user clicks on the majority of links that exist on a website without the need for any additional custom development or code.

It’s easy to install and configure, ‘out of the box’ it will automatically capture user clicks on all of the most common types of links that can be found on the majority of websites. The most common of these are buttons, forms and elements that have been marked up with a set of predefined conditions for link tracking.

This set of conditions are essentially a collection of HTML attributes that are commonly used in web development to mark up the most popular elements and buttons on a website. It is this predefined list of conditions that Activity Map uses to identify which links and buttons are to be tracked by the software.

Using the Debugger Tool

You can use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger tool to view the network requests made by Activity Map when a user clicks on a button or element that has been marked up with one of the criteria for link tracking. These requests contain ‘contextData[‘a.activitymap’] variables and values that are included in the second request.

The Debugger Tool is accessible from the Adobe Analytics UI via Report suites > Activity Map and should be enabled by users that have Adobe Experience Cloud administrator level access to Adobe Analytics.

In order to enable the Debugger Tool, you will need to have a valid SSL Certificate installed on your server. Once this is completed, you will then be able to log into the Adobe Analytics UI and view the Activity Map requests as they are being made by Activity Map.

It is important to note that, as with all of the other modules within Adobe Analytics, Activity Map must be enabled by an admin user that has Adobe Experience Cloud administrator level access to Adobe Analytics in order for it to be capturing any data.

The Activity Map feature is a great way to see how traffic flows between devices and it is especially useful for monitoring the behaviour of end users in your mobile app. It provides you with a detailed overview of how customers are accessing your apps and websites in real time.

This is a great feature that will provide you with invaluable insights into how your customers are engaging with your website, and the type of content they are most interested in. It is also useful in the creation of personalised recommendations and notifications for end users to help them improve their user experience.

Watch Live Events

With a single click, you can watch live event activity on your Activity Map. This will give you a real-time overview of which activities have been the most popular, and where in the world these are being triggered from. You can even add filters to see which device triggered an event, and which campaign or flow the event was triggered from.

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