IPQualityScore Review – A Review of the IPQualityScore Email Validator and API

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is an email verification service that has direct relationships with major mail service providers. The company’s email verification API helps businesses improve the quality of their email lists by detecting and removing invalid, disposable and spam trap emails. Using this service can increase the deliverability of your email messages, reduce bounce rates, and boost your reputation as an authenticated sender.

IPQS offers a free email verifier that enables site owners to filter out high-risk users. This free tool also includes a reverse email lookup option, which can be used to determine if an email address has been leaked from a recent data breach.

The IPQS Email Verification service helps prevent fraudulent transactions and duplicate accounts. It also tracks malicious domains and identifies disposable/temporary accounts. In addition, it monitors average validation rates and identifies spam trap emails.

The service offers flexible pricing models. You can pay monthly or take out a free trial. IPQS provides support and assistance with setup and configuration. If you find the service helpful, you can subscribe to a paid tier.

In addition to the free email validator, IPQS offers a full API that can be integrated into any enterprise system. The API can be used to query individual email addresses or to run batch emails. By running the verification in real time, theĀ IPQualityScore email validator service can help to increase the value of your email list and decrease the number of fraudulent transactions.

IPQS uses the industry’s most trusted validation technology. The service is backed by an expert team of developers and engineers, who perform millions of user events daily. They have a proven track record of maintaining over 99% accuracy. Plus, the service has the highest detection rate among competitor services.

IPQS also has an API that can detect and report fraudulent data. Their machine learning algorithms are trained to recognize and report fraud. IPQS also provides an extension that allows users to update their lead/contact in real time. This ensures that the most current information is included in the score.

IPQS also has a comprehensive disposable email blacklist. These lists provide the best service in the industry. With the help of this API, users are guaranteed to be signing up with a valid email address. Moreover, these lists are updated in real-time, increasing the value of your potential leads and the value of your user base.

IPQS also offers tabular data. Tabular Data has five years of historical coverage and can be delivered on a minutely basis. IPQS’s proprietary methods and support for popular SPAM filters allow it to block spam and fraudulent emails from reaching your inbox. Additionally, the service offers the option to download Tabular Data in CSV format.

IPQS’s email verification and reputation scoring services work together to protect your emails from being bounced back to you due to a blacklist. IPQS’s advanced email address validation helps to detect high-risk users, while the company’s reputation-based fraud score indicates the current state of a user’s account.

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