Mini Split AC – Why You Should Consider Ductless Systems

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which require ductwork to deliver conditioned air throughout your home, mini-split AC heats and cools room-to-room with an array of small indoor wall units. They are often the best choice for new construction, as well as for homes without existing ductwork. Despite their size, these compact units are capable of heating and cooling large spaces, providing the same high level of efficiency as larger traditional HVAC systems.

While they offer great energy efficiency, a mini split system is not the best solution for every household. If your home is very drafty or if you live in an area with high humidity, it may not provide the cooling performance you need.

If you’re considering a ductless system, PickHVAC recommends working with an experienced and licensed contractor who can ensure the proper installation and upkeep of your unit. The most important thing is to have the correct system sized for your space and climate. A contractor should also be able to evaluate your home and electrical service, as some systems require 208-230-volt power Mini Split AC while others work on standard 110-volt lines.

Ductless systems are designed to be highly efficient. Their quiet compressors and fans don’t require the constant on-and-off cycle of conventional systems, and they use a fraction of the electricity to cool your space. In addition, most are available with a variety of features that make them even more efficient. For example, Mitsubishi electric mini-splits can offer advanced inverter technology that drastically reduces energy consumption and Hyper Heat capabilities that boost efficiency and comfort during colder temperatures.

Another way you can save with a ductless system is by controlling your temperature settings in different zones of your home, rather than forcing one central air handler to circulate air throughout the entire house. Using multi-zone control, you can set different temperature settings for each zone in your home, making the process of keeping your whole house comfortable much easier.

Finally, a lot of ductless systems have built-in wifi connectivity that allows you to control your system from your smart device. This is a great feature to have, as it gives you ultimate flexibility in your home.

There are many brands of ductless systems to choose from, including Gree, Mitsubishi, and LG. All of these companies have great options for single-zone and multi-zone cooling and heating. Some of these systems even have ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient designations. Regardless of the brand you select, make sure to check to see what rebates are available in your ZIP code. These can lower the cost of installing a ductless system dramatically!

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