Sun conjunct Venus composite is a wonderful aspect for love and romance

Sun conjunct Venus composite is a wonderful aspect for love and romance. People with this contact in their natal chart have a natural flair for beauty, love and fun. They are charismatic and friendly, always looking for the best in others and finding good in even the most trying of situations. They are generous and loving to their family, friends, and loved ones, often taking on a parental role with children, especially. They are highly creative, with a gift for music and a love of art.

When this combination is in an earth sign Sun conjunct Venus composite such as Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, these people have a strong connection with each other and enjoy working together on practical projects that benefit their community. They are reliable as a partner and are great at keeping the peace, as well as supporting each other’s career goals. They are also very dependable in their friendships and have a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to their partners.

Men with this aspect in their charts usually have a balance of feminine and masculine characteristics that make them charming and attractive. They are often sensitive, artistic and kind to those around them, which is one of the reasons that so many women find themselves drawn to them. They are usually able to communicate well and have a keen intuition that can help them stay in touch with the emotional needs of those they are close to.

This aspect is less common in women, but when it is present in a woman’s natal chart, this indicates that she is often a very sensitive and charming person, who is naturally warm and friendly. She is often very supportive of her friends and family, and she has a natural talent for music. Her love of beauty and her desire to be the center of attention are both part of what makes her so appealing to those she is closest to.

Women with this aspect in their natal charts may also have some health concerns. The kidneys, which are ruled by Venus, can be a problem, as can the throat and vocal chords. It is important for them to drink plenty of clean water in order to keep their bodies healthy and hydrated.

When this conjunction is square to someone’s natal Moon or Ascendant, it can bring issues about ego and self-expression into their relationships. They should learn to express themselves in a more balanced way and try not to put their own needs at the forefront of their partnerships. When this conjunction is sextile to someone’s natal Jupiter, it can encourage them to pursue their dreams and ambitions, while helping them to relax and feel comfortable in their own skin. Likewise, when this conjunction is trine someone’s Pluto, it can give them the strength and confidence they need to reach their goals. If this conjunction is opposite their natal Neptune, they may struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of this partnership.

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