The Advantages of Shaker Internal Doors

What makes shaker internal doors so appealing? Among other things, they are simple, have a solid engineered core, and lack any decorative details. However, their simple design is not without its problems. To make your purchase decision much easier, here are some of the advantages of shaker interior doors. Read on to learn more about these popular doors. You’ll be glad you made the decision to buy them. There are many other advantages too.

Simple design

When it comes to choosing an interior door, the simple design of Shaker internal doors is a great choice. The simplicity of the Shaker design is reflected in its clean lines and minimalist patterns, which let the natural beauty of timber shine through. This style of interior door is equally suited for rustic and modern designs. However, before you choose a style of shaker internal door for your home, consider the benefits of a shaker design.

Solid engineered core

Engineered internal doors are the perfect solution shaker internal doors for interiors that are looking for a stylish, long-lasting door that is still incredibly durable. These doors are made from solid timber with a veneer of stain grade maple, and are typically rated for internal use. In addition, they are ideal for side-light and bi-fold doors, and are recommended for use with an oil-based primer, which prevents any splitting or warping.

Raised border

Raised border on shaker internal doors has a classic style, which reflects a style of furniture that’s been popular for over two hundred years. These doors are also known as flat panels, as the center panel sits at a lower height than the door frame. The style is also known as Shaker furniture, as it is defined by its simplicity and austere woodwork. There is a wide variety of options for this style, which is why it’s so widely used today.

Lack of decorative detailing

The lack of decorative detailing on Shaker internal doors is a hallmark of the original Shaker style. The style was based on the principles of a simple, functional design, focusing on strength, stability, and efficient design. The basic Shaker door is a five-piece construction with a flat panel in the middle surrounded by a raised square frame. Despite its simplicity, the Shaker design has survived for over a century, influencing many interiors and homes. Many cabinet manufacturers continue to use Shaker doors in their products, thanks to their adaptability and popularity.

Suitable for modern and rustic interiors

The simplicity and brevity of Shaker internal doors is the result of their long history and widespread appeal. Shakers were a religious group who developed furniture and architecture that was simple but functional. Their doors were created to be long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and friendly and peaceful, and they were admired throughout the world. Though they were designed in the 1800s, Shaker interior doors have grown in popularity far beyond their original religious group.

Ability to incorporate glass

The shaker style is minimalist in nature and can be applied to virtually any type of door, including French doors and bi-fold systems. Its rustic wood appearance can accent a solid color decoration or modern artwork. It can also be used as an interior door with a panel, incorporating glass or both. Shaker doors can be a great choice for a contemporary look, with many manufacturers offering bespoke designs.

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