The Beauty of Oushak Style Rugs

There are many reasons to choose Oushak style rugs. Some of them are related to the origin of the style, while others are not. However, the important thing is to know the different factors that contribute to the beauty of this style of rug. These factors include the colors, the durability, and the design. Read on to learn more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the choices that are available in the market. Once you know the details of the style, you can make an informed decision on the right one for your home.


The popularity of the Oushak style rugs was first evident in the renaissance period when painters like Hans Holbein and Lorenzo Lotto depicted the rugs in paintings. These paintings depicted the rugs as glowing from within and reflected the status of their owners. The popularity of these rugs soon spread across Europe and a great many artists incorporated them in their paintings.


Typically, fine Oushak rugs feature a densely-woven design. If the knots are not packed down tightly, the rug will become flimsy and not as durable. Packing the knots down with a punja tool is an important part of the design process. Typical patterns include floral and geometric designs with a golden or dark ivory background. The colors used in making these rugs are natural vegetable dyes. The wool used gives off a silky, smooth look.


Whether you’re buying a rug to use in your home or for an investment, there are a few things you should know about Oushak Rugs the durability of Oushak style rugs. This type of rug requires experienced hands and a strong foundation. The history of this style makes it stand out from other styles. The weaving artistry was passed down through generations, and you can trace the knots back to specific geographical locations. There are no modern modifications that will replace the original style of weaving.


If you’re thinking about getting an Oushak style rug for your home, you should know that they can have several different looks. The colors and designs vary from one to the next depending on the lighting in the room, time of day, and position. Some types of Oushak rugs have seven different colors, while others have just one color. These rugs have a history that dates back hundreds of years and represent traveling and history around the world. This unique style can bring a sense of excitement and energy to your home. You can find them for sale or even purchase one online.


Oushak style rugs are a classic example of hand knotted rug design, and they are a great choice for traditional decor or a contemporary look. They are typically made of silky wool, and feature geometric motives. During the Ottoman Empire, these rugs were the preferred choice of the royalty. They are considered to be a part of European art and culture, and their designs are still popular today.


There are many different types of Oushak style rugs available. These rugs are often made of a heavy wool or silk and have a geometric design or medallion in the center. They also have palmettes or vine scrolls running the length of the material. The scope of an Oushak rug is often grand and bombastic. This means that the rug is a visual cornucopia. The price range for an Oushak rug varies considerably.

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